Our Founder

Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew Mark Andrew is the first to identify sports buildings and teams as premier vehicles for green stewardship and sponsor branding. From this notion, he is leading the sports industry to transform sports buildings into green marketing icons, and converting the cost of green building design and construction into new revenue streams for teams.

Andrew made the connection between sports architecture, construction and operations and new revenue for teams in 2001, when he began researching the potential for a green sports venue in his home state. “I was amazed to learn that many sports venues the world over had significant sustainable elements, including re-use of demolition debris, water conservation practices and recycled building materials. However, none had commercially exploited this stewardship and no facility had collapsed multiple green building practices into a single structure.”

Andrew has incented teams to upgrade their facilities and operations by creating the first business method that converts corporate green stewardship into new revenue. The EcoBrand™ Experiencepatent pending is a system of green marketing categories with sponsor benefit packages for each green vertical undertaken by a team.

Andrew seeks to inspire sustainability throughout the world, one building at a time. “Imagine the power of demonstrating that sustainability is profitable in the world’s highest profile industry—sports; then imagine what that will do to encourage firms, public institutions and citizens to do more, too."